Market Your Compliance With The HIPAA Rule

Healthcare marketing faces several unique difficulties that set it apart from traditional marketing.

You need to be concerned about safeguarding the privacy and health information of your patients in addition to concentrating on your target audience, offering helpful material, and maximizing your ROI.

To put it another way, HIPAA marketing is healthcare marketing.

 While you can anticipate, there are many dos and don'ts to be aware of as you create your marketing plan to make sure you're following the HIPAA rules.

Here are few suggestions to assist you maintain HIPAA compliance in your marketing.

DOs for HIPAA Marketing Compliance

Keeping up with HIPAA marketing regulations requires juggling two crucial tasks.

The first is safeguarding any paper or electronic records of your patients' protected health information, or PHI. The second is being aware of your HIPAA obligations and fulfilling them.

HIPAA marketing DOs:

Don't be afraid to share general information about the treatments your practice offers and share.

DO tell others of new therapies you offer or new qualifications and awards you've achieved in your field.

Before adding a patient to an email list that will disclose or otherwise make mention of their protected health information, DO obtain their consent.

When you choose to outsource your marketing, ALWAYS work with HIPAA-compliant third-party suppliers.


A patient's name or any other type of identifying information should not be mentioned in your marketing materials.

DON'T permit unrestricted photography within your office. Even when taken by staff employees and shared with the best of intentions, photos can readily reveal or expose PHI.

Sending patients marketing communications with their PHI is NOT permitted without their express written consent. Even emails that are encrypted may be intercepted and exploited by others; if this happens, you will be held responsible.

Do not post patient information in your social media profiles. It can't be protected, and someone could be able to identify the patient.

The HIPAA marketing DOs and DON'Ts all revolve around being careful with how, when, and to whom you disclose patient PHI. The use of a third-party vendor that is not HIPAA compliant is one of the most frequent errors made by medical practises.

If you want to draw in new patients and expand your practise, marketing is a need.

It is your responsibility to comprehend how HIPAA marketing functions in order to make sure that you have protected your patients — and to prevent having to pay a fine if you don't.

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